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Energy Solutions Made Easy

Evalence Energy & Solar Solutions: Serving North Carolina one property at a time.

solar panel installation at a home
small solar panel for a home

Our Beginnings

After spending a decade in commercial and utility-scale renewable energy projects, founder Jim Barfield saw that the rate of renewable energy adoption for homeowners and small commercial businesses wasn’t growing as quickly as the large-scale projects.


As he dove into the research, he realized that homeowners were just as likely to pay inflated prices and get substandard service as they were to get a good deal. And for businesses, the research showed they were unlikely to fully understand the benefits of “going solar” both from a financial and reliability standpoint.

Serving North Carolina Property Owners

With this knowledge in hand, Jim decided to build a company that always puts its customers first and ensures they have the knowledge and tools to make good decisions about energy-efficient upfits to their property.


Starting with Envalence Environmental Services Corporation (a North Carolina General Contractor) and adding Envalence Energy and Solar Solutions, the Envalence companies strive to help property owners redirect their wealth away from their utility providers, add value to their properties, and reduce their carbon footprint.

aerial view of homes with solar panels

Ready to reduce your electric bill, increase energy efficiency, and lower your carbon footprint?

Contact Envalence Energy & Solar Solutions today!

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