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From Energy Conservation to Solar Generation

At Envalence, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach  to finding the very best options for your energy needs.

Mother and son standing among solar panel farm

What to Expect at Your Energy Audit

If you're ready to consider solar energy and other energy-efficient upgrades to your home or business, scheduling an Energy Audit  is a great place to start. And at only $500, it's never been more affordable to get a full picture of the possibilities for your property. Each Energy Audit includes:

Visual evaluation of the building’s thermal envelope, or outer shell

Examination of crawl space for moisture, mold, and bugs

Safety and efficiency inspection of water heater and heating and cooling systems

Blower door testing to measure air leaking in and out of the home

Duct leakage testing to measure loss of conditioned air in the HVAC duct

Thermal imaging using an infrared camera to measure insulation and identify hot/cold spots

Appliance and lighting inspection to uncover inefficiencies

Electrical consumption monitoring for each branch circuit in kWh for 2-week period

Residential Solar

People have many reasons for installing solar-generating equipment at their home. Some do it for environmental reasons, others for the 30% federal tax credit. But for most people, they realize the money they're spending on electricity can be used instead to increase the value of their home and build energy independence.

Whether you're looking to offset some of your energy usage or totally replace your grid energy usage, we can help. We'll work with you to design a system that meets your needs and your budget.

We only use top-rated materials for our projects, so you can rest assured that your solar installation will serve your energy needs for decades to come.

solar panel installer at work
BPI certified building analyst conducting a energy audit to fit solar panels for homes

Energy Audits

Our energy audits are best in class with a BPI Certified Building Analyst on staff to perform a detailed evaluation of your current energy needs and opportunities. Within the audit, we will evaluate your roofing, insulation, building envelope permeability, HVAC systems, and appliance efficiencies, as well as optimal usage parameters.

With the results of this evaluation, we can help you develop a straightforward and effective plan to increase the energy efficiency of your property. 

business with solar panels installed on the side

Commercial Solar

While many are aware of the benefits of installing residential solar equipment, the benefits for commercial and industrial (C&I) property owners can be far more appealing. In addition to the 30% investment tax credit, bonus tax credits where available, C&I customers can also use accelerated depreciation using Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) to maximize their bottom-line impact.

The leadership team at Envalence Energy and Solar Solutions has over a decade of experience in large-scale solar installation across the United States and Canada. Let our team show you the benefits of installing solar energy generation for your organization.


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Energy Efficient Up-fits

Once you have the results from your energy audit, we can help you with any needed up-fits to make your home more energy efficient and save you money.

roofer making a roof more energy efficient


Let's face it, roofs age and need to be replaced at some point. In addition to leaks, an old roof can cause other issues for the structure and have an impact on the overall energy efficiency. Finding a reliable contractor for this critical work can be difficult. Let us and our dependable roofing contract partners assist you with this vital work.

insulation being installed to improve energy efficiency


Insulation is a key part of energy efficiency. If you don't have the proper level of insulation or if it has degraded or moved over time, you could have significant gaps in your building's thermal barrier. These gaps allow the loss of heat and cooling from your structure and drive your energy bills higher. With a wide variety of materials and installation techniques available today, we can improve your structure's resistance to thermal losses.

A man pointing a remote at an energy efficient HVAC


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems are a must on hot summer days and cold winter nights, but they also consume a lot of electricity. Having a unit properly sized for your home, in good working order, and with the proper SEER rating can save you a lot of money. Partnering with the right contractors for this work is very important. Let us and our network of HVAC installers find the best fit for your needs.

energy-efficient window installation for home


We all understand the importance of windows in keeping the outdoor elements at bay, but how much do you know about your windows' performance value and current condition? During our energy audits, we analyze your window's performance through thermal imaging and differential pressure analysis using specialized equipment. If we find that your windows are in need of resealing or replacement, our team can perform the work to get you back on track to energy-efficient performance.


Ready to reduce your electric bill, increase energy efficiency, and lower your carbon footprint?

Contact Envalence Energy & Solar Solutions today!

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